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weather_log's Journal

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First time moderator, madam0wl, grew up in a continental climate on a farm in Iowa... the summers were HOT and the winters COLD. Rain gauge measurements were commonly discussed at dinner. Her tornado phobia eventually subsided, but she still keeps her eyes open for "mushroom" clouds. To this day, phone calls & emails with parents almost always include some reference to the current weather.

Currently living in warm/temperate North Carolina, she often feels the need to make random posts to livejournal regarding the weather. Meteorologist keeps the temperature in her iMac's menu bar, and www.weather.com is bookmarked. Either at work or at home, the blinds are typically pulled up and if possible, the windows open.


Created so I can post my weather observations here, rather than boring everyone with it, i.e. sometimes I feel like posting but the only thing I have on my mind at the time is the current weather.

Would be interesting to see if anybody else likes to post randomly about their weather, and if so, please join & post.

I'm not expecting heavy meteorologist type stuff, just glorified "gee it is really windy today" or other weather related observations.