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I live at Rehoboth Beach, DE and we are in the midst of Hurricane… - weather_log [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 18th, 2003|09:39 pm]
I live at Rehoboth Beach, DE and we are in the midst of Hurricane Isabel. Ruth Ann Minner declared a State of Emergency for Delaware and school was canceled today and tomorrow. Damage is occuring in Ocean City, MD, and then in Fenwick, Dewey, and S Bethany, DE. I went down to see the ocean today and it was amazing. Everyone has boarded their businesses with plywood and written messages to Miss Isabel such as "Hurricane Party...Izzie, you're invited!" at bars and "Bring it on E-z-b! We "r" ready" haha. We took several pictures. The climax of the storm should be at 2 AM tonight when the high tide comes up the shore. The high tide this afternoon came up to the boardwalk and never went back out, so officials are most worried that the next high tide is going to demolish the boardwalk. I work at Grotto Pizza RIGHT on the boardwalk on Saturday, so hopefully I'll get off ;D But yeah, this town, along with many others, is going to lose millions of dollars in damage and loss of profit to it's already-terrible summer season where no business made a profit.